Chamber Music


I have had the honor of collaborating with Jean-Pierre Dupuy in the interpretation of the 7 Visions de l’Amen for 2 pianos by the composer Olivier Messiaen.
Jean-Pierre is one of the great masters of today’s international contemporary piano scene.

This work develops the spiritual theme of the Hebrew voice “amen”.
Allegorical music that describes extremely well the agony of Jesus Christ, the ecstasy of the soul drawn by love, or the cosmic joy from creation to death or end (Consommation).















The duo Kroma formed in 2005 as a result of the coinciding in the Barcelona’s music space of two musicians of different origins and trajectories: Ewa Pyrek, violin, and Pilar López-Carrasco, piano. Both have a brilliant resume as soloists and extensive experience in the world of chamber music.

Thus, in this formation are mixed different musical experiences that converge in an exchange of ideas and perspectives, repertoires, authors and diverse styles contributed by both components.

But, and here is the most remarkable aspect since the first essay, Pyrek and Lopez-Carrasco have reflected in each other in a same musical intuition full of temperament, rigor and will, in order to get a lived interpretation of the printed notes. They are two related artistic sensibilities in the conception as well as the expression of their craft.





Catarsi  –  T.V. programm interview

KAROL SZYMANOWSKI.- Duo Kroma – Dryads and Pan


KAROL SZYMANOWSKI. Duo Kroma. (audio) Fountain of Arethusa.